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The world is ever evolving. We now operate in a transparent and digital world where we can move anywhere in the world.

Having moved internationally quite a few times, it became clear to us that the UK relocation landscape remains opaque, bureaucratic, and packed with paperwork.

Maze was inspired by the solution we wish we had. It incorporates all stakeholders in the relocation process and delivers a flexible, intuitive digital solution.

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Who we work with

With extensive support from these organisations, Maze gives relocating users the power to organise and plan their move.

Our solution simplifies relocation, reduces costs and stress and enables personalized customer journeys with access to services and support.

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Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Who are we?

At Maze, we imagine a future where people from all over the world can easily arrange their move abroad in an easy, intuitive and personalized way.

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Meet the core team

We’re a team of experts who understand first-hand the challenges of relocating to a new country. Now we are committed to make it easier for you and help you from the minute you decide to move to the UK.

Juliet Edjere
Juliet Edjere

Product & Strategy

Sarah Nantume
Sarah Nantume


Winner Adebayo
Winner Adebayo

PR & Partnership

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