Global Relocation just got easier

Need a solution for employing and relocating employees internationally? Use Maze to fast-track your global mobility cases, so you can focus on your core business.

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Savings on migration costs


Hiring efficiency


Friction reduction

Relocate and Onboard the best talent

Got a new hire relocating to the UK? Your HR team can assist employees with their migration by using the Maze software. Moving to a foreign country can be challenging as everything initially seems simple and fun until you realise how much paperwork is involved.

Relocation software

Manage all of your international employees in a single place and avoid bureaucracy when navigating.

Personalized onboarding process

The best people shouldn't be restricted by location. Relocate highly skilled employees from all around the world.

Dedicated relocation partners

We seamlessly establish contact with vetted service providers that oversee the visa, work permit, and relocation.

build a global team

Manage move with less friction

Building a global workforce is now easier than ever, and handling immigration and settlement tasks internationally has become transparent. Combining technology and human expertise, we reduce the friction to hire and manage global talent by up to 30 percent, and deliver results up to two times faster than traditional relocation agencies.

Count on us to help you figure out what your business needs. Our enterprise solutions for a wide variety of businesses come with customized pricing and bespoke functionality.

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tailored support

Removing the bureaucracy

Why go through an international relocation alone when you can instead focus on what is most important to you: your work, school, family, and your new life? Maze provides seamless elocation experience for a wide range of movers.

Hire the best talent globally

With Maze, you can start relocating talent now with our relocation software. We will respond to any questions you may have about relocation.  Ready to get started?

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