Every move is different, Let's personalise yours

Orientation, home search, banking, registrations, utilities-setup, social integration — All in a few clicks. We'll manage all the moving logistics behind the scenes so you can spend time getting to know your new neighbourhood.

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How Maze works?

Number 1
Download app

Download the Maze relocation management app. Upgrade to book an online consultation to discuss which services  best match your needs.

Number 2
Reserve access to extra support

A relocation consultant will be assigned to you after purchase. Your assigned consultant will be in contact and will guide you through the moving process.

Number 3
Enjoy your trip!

You will get onboarded on your personalized dashboard to track your relocation process from orientation to pre-arrival to post-arrival and settlement.


Before you leave

Area orientation

Discover your new city and choose the right neighborhood for you

Personalised checklist

Step-by-step tasklist to assist you through the complex process

Onboarding call

We set expectations and initiate the relocation process during this call

Airport transfer

Arrange transportation before you arrive at your new location


When you arrive

Welcome care pack

Get a personalized collection of gifts designed with self-care in mind

Housing search

Get access to the necessary support in finding a place to call home.

Local SIM card

Understand your options and set up your mobile phone help with great plans.

GP Registration

Register with a GP surgery in your local area where you are living or staying

settle in

As you move in

Home insurance

Secure the best insurance coverage you need to protect your belongings

Council tax

Know and get in contact your local council to set up council tax payments

Utilities setup

Get help with sorting out gas, water, electricity, TV, and broadband connections


Get knowledge of your banking options and how to set up an overview of the account

Get clear instructions on how to relocate

Learn what to expect at each step of the relocation process. Let us know what you need and a Maze representative will get in touch with you based on your preferences.

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