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Cheapest* Parcel Delivery in the UK


Low-cost parcel delivery within the UK and to over 200 countries worldwide

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Parcel2Go is the UK’s largest courier comparison site. We offer quick, easy and low-cost parcel delivery within the UK and to over 200 countries worldwide, through the world’s most reputable couriers such as DPD, Hermes and UPS.

The UK's Largest Courier Comparison Site

Parcel2Go’s unique and free Smart Send tool allows our customers to integrate and control all of their e-commerce orders and deliveries across multiple marketplaces, right from their P2G account. Our Android and IOS apps also play a crucial part in our customers' lives, simplifying the parcel delivery process for users. It allows customers to compare prices, book couriers and track their domestic and international deliveries on the go.

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December 31, 2023

Updated on:

July 4, 2022

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